Progress Update!

April 6, 2013 in Featured

Time for an update! This should answer some of the questions that appeared after our IndieGoGo campaign ended.

The Story
Even with only 10% of our IndieGoGo goal raised it was very important for us to keep the game non-linear, quite long and interesting, so we spent a lot of time trying to get out the best possible story using our current resources.
We knew how important it was for you that every crucial decision made in the game makes a big impact on the story. To meet those needs we’ve created a tree of vastly different paths. We’re not talking about a few slightly changed dialogue lines or scenes, we’re talking about a nearly completely different game!
That’s why right now there are 20 main endings which don’t include bad ends nor special ends.
The final version is now finished and we are happy with the result as it seems to be the most enjoyable essence of what we had initially prepared for you.

The IndieGoGo NPC tier

We have successfully integrated the NPCs created by our backers into the story. They fit there PERFECTLY. Once again thank you for your support and providing us with those great characters!

Steam Greenlight

As you know our game is listed on Steam Greenlight. We got a lot of favourites, upvotes and positive comments there! Thank you! Currently we’re at 80% of our way toward the top 100 projects which is simply awesome.
We still need your help to reach the top 100 though! Remember to let all your friends know about the project so they can upvote it if they like it as well!

The Coding

We have decided to finish our own engine (based on LibGDX framework) instead of dropping back to RPGMaker. This means that the game will be released for Windows, Mac, Linux and… OUYA. That’s right – the game supports this open console as well!


The decision to use our own engine might delay the release a little more but we think that it’s worth it. It allows us to reach a broader audience and add more functionality to the game, making it truly unique. We’re also working on a localisation system that will make it easy to translate the game into many different languages which wouldn’t be possible in RPGMaker.

We would like to end this post with special thanks for our backers! Thank you! Without your support this game would never be as good as it’s going to be! Stay tunned for more updates and leave your comments below!