Meet the (un)Lucky7 crew!

April 5, 2013 in Featured

It’s time to get to know the (un)Lucky7 team members a little better!


Name: Moro

Sex: Male

Species: Cat

Profession: Space Pilot

Moro is the character controlled by the player so he’s obviously the hero of our story. Apart from his piloting skills he is also a fast learner which made him the best alien language translator among the (un)Lucky7 crew.


Name: Cori

Sex: Female

Species: Rabbit

Profession: IT Specialist

Cori was chosen from many IT specialists as she was the first one to completely understand and reverse engineer the alien software extracted from the few functioning pieces of equipment that were found in the alien starship wreck. She is also a great navigator.


Name: Vinnie

Sex: Male

Species: Goat

Profession: Mechanic

A brilliant mechanic. He worked for the military before he was sentenced for life. The number of gadgets, weapons and vehicles he has constructed and patented made him an obvious choice for the mission. After some training he now knows how alien machines are constructed, how they work and how to repair them.


Name: Xam

Sex: Male

Species: Wolf

Profession: Security Guard

Xam is the only team member who was assigned an actual pistol for security reasons. He is also the only former police officer sentenced for life for reasons other than shooting someone against the law.


Name: Nomica

Sex: Female

Species: Fox

Profession: Psychologist

Nomica is responsible for the mental health of the whole team. She travelled around the world and wrote many books about isolated societies and their customs. Knowledge how to get into such communities may be useful in case of contacting intelligent alien lifeforms.


Name: Ukrah

Sex: Male

Species: Crow

Profession: Captain

Once a well known scientist. Now the expedition leader. He’s known for his works about space, space-time continuum, black holes and everything else astronomy related. Before he was sentenced for life he supervised many other deep space expeditions.


Name: Zik

Sex: Male

Species: Lizard/Android

Profession: Medic

He’s an android donated by the First National Prison in order to provide medical services with the highest possible accuracy. With the right tools, he can perform every known medical test and procedure. He is also skilled in the area of chemistry.