Q: What is (un)Lucky7?

A: It’s an upcoming indie horror game. You can visit the About page to find out more about this project.

Q: When is (un)Lucky7 coming out?

A: The release date is roughly estimated to be somewhere between July and August 2013

Q: Where can I find the demo version of (un)Lucky7?

A: Unfortunately the demo is still in development. It will be finished before the release of the game so stay tunned! :)

Q: Will there be an open beta of (un)Lucky7?

A: No. There’s no point in releasing an open beta of single player game. We may do a closed beta for our IndieGoGo backers, but it’s not a sure thing yet :)

Q: What platforms will (un)Lucky7 be released for?

A: Windows, Mac and Linux.

Q: Will there be a console version of (un)Lucky7?

A: The game will run on OUYA consoles. Support for other consoles may be added depending on how well the game is received after its initial release.

Q: What engine do you use to create (un)Lucky7? Is it RPGMaker?

A: We’re using our custom engine built upon LibGDX framework (http://libgdx.badlogicgames.com/) and all the coding is done in Java. We have used RPGMaker to create the prototype of the game but we decided not to use it for the final product. RPGMaker engine supports only Windows and lacks both features and efficiency that we desire.

Q: Where do you get your sprites/tilesets for (un)Lucky7?

A: They are all custom made by us.

Q: What kind of RPG battle system will be used in (un)Lucky7?

A: (un)Lucky7 is not a RPG game. It’s a puzzle game. There will be no battle system. There are some action sequences in the game but they don’t involve character stats nor leveling up.

Q: Will (un)Lucky7 be available in language X?

A: All the content is currently only written in English. We have received a lot of free translation offers which we’ll gladly accept as soon as our localization system is complete and ready for action.

Q: Can I translate (un)Lucky7 too?

A: Probably :) You can use the contact page to get in touch and let us know what language you want to translate to.